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Endowment Model:

Aionios Capital Partners manages clients wealth applying the most sophisticated institutional investment approaches developed in modern finance. We have adopted the endowment model approach successfully employed by leading institutional investors throughout the world to apply to individuals, high net worth clients, and family offices. 

Non-Traditional Complement:

Aionios will incorporate conservative discernment in all aspects of a consolidated solution that is driven by each client.  Non-traditional approaches in cognitive sciences and behavioral economics will complement, augment, and complete well rounded evaluation of the landscape to facilitate client objectives.

Tailored Solutions:

We deploy comprehensive  approaches to develop unique, individual, and specific considerations for each client that is driven by their circumstances, preferences, goals and objectives, risk acceptance and tolerance, tax efficiency concerns, time horizon factors, and liquidity events for the optimal structure of client needs. 


Aionios incorporates strategies in private markets, non-traditional asset classes, and alternative structures including real estate, and other less obvious vehicles will provide the pathway for meeting and exceeding client objectives.

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